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'Black Lives Matter'

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I have read post of Facebook, the worlds most invasive focus group. I've heard Black Lives Matter compared to the Black Panther Party. For those who feel the Black Panthers were terrorists, I can only say they are gravely mistaken. Please get your facts straight. 

I'd attempt to be funny and crack wise which is my want to do but I cannot. 

Black Panthers still in Oakland and parts unknown came together because of police brutality just as the Black Lives Matter did. The context is completely different and the people starting the movements are different, but the reality of police brutality has not changed. I could inundate you with statistics and lose most of you out of boredom or disbelief. 

Just as the kids fresh from the Parkland shooting are scarred and injured and are utilizing the tools around them to say 'enough is enough quit shooting us.'

So too the Panthers and the Black Lives Matter groups have similar motives.

The Black Lives Matter Group began after the shooting of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. Before and after the Black Panthers, in spite of their righteous fury and their social compassion, there has been an unbroken history of abuses violence towards blacks in America since its inception. The White House was built by slaves. I've read posts on the Facebook focus group calling the Black Lives Matter a "plantation mentality" begging for scrapes from the table and receiving funds from the DNC.

I'm not black but I still have an opinion, I'm just opinionated that way. I'm not going into the 'nuanced dance' of racism that has become more blatant and social acceptable among whites.There is a subtle process by which White people check each other out to see if they are on the same page with their racism or their take on Black Lives Matter etc. . I should say that mine is a regional view as I live on the 'Left Coast'. For the sake of brevity, I'll spare you those details for another day and drag this 'sophisticated racism' kicking and screaming into the sunlight.

But for today, I've have three simple observations: 

#1) There is injustice that the Black Panther's and the Black Lives Matter movements try to address.13% of the US are Black and approximately 80% are white. 24% of fatal shootings by Police are Blacks, mostly young men. 34% of those housed in correctional facilities are Black. About 80% is white. The national average of median household income is about a 7th of their White counter parts. I've heard the willingly ignorance say that we see so many young Black me killed by cops in the news but its doesn't consider all the Whites killed that don't make the news.This kind of ignorance believes and finds support for their beliefs, but they refuse to see the facts and make conclusions based on that.   

#2) The approach of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter are both needed, even the education system, the criminal justice system, and those of good conscience to call BS on racism when they hear it in the work place, their families and among friends. As horrific as it sounds and I'm sure I'm going to piss off at least two thirds of the three people that read this, conscience is not contingent upon having lost someone close to you. The Panthers were a militia as described in the 2nd amendment and they bore arms as described. Any white supremacist feeling that they are persecuted by the government and are expecting their rights to see their rights curtailed should take a hard look at the Panthers who's rights were actually abused. But the response to Black men carrying guns was to legislate against their right to carry them and to arm the police with assault rifles. (Fear Of A Black Planet - Public Enemy) This was the only legislation I know of restricting gun rights that was supported by the NRA. 

#3) Institutional Racism. I was in Oakland where i lived for many years. I was blocks away when Oscar Grant was shot in the back while cuffed in from of over thirty onlookers and the copy was not charged. His union told him not to fill out an incident report as it might be incriminating and so he went home. The Union said so. And after that there was no word from the police, the mayor (who was conveniently on vacation)  and so the community was left twisting in the wind for weeks. and people wonder why they rioted! A kid was shot in the back in front of witnesses killed/murdered and nothing was being done. The copy should have been charged and arrested the very night he refused to sign an incident report. Now Sacramento Police have shot and killed a young Black man, Stephon Clark. Like so many others will the police get a pass. They have greater power and so should have greater responsibility. Like so many young Black men in recent history, will Black lives Matter?

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