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#Enough #NeverAgain #Resist #WeAreTheChange #ParklandPower

#enough #neveragain #parkland boycott NRA gun violence massacre south florida survivors

#Enough is #Enough. #NeverAgain. Will I be next?
If you don’t hear from me again, remember I love you.

The last outcry shred my heart to pieces, as tears streamed down from my eyes, watching and listening to the video clips of the live massacre.

First it was the women, now it’s the children. The Future is coming! What will YOU do today? WHAT CAN I DO?

As a sign maker, all I can do is create signs that "Shout Out Loud." I’ll take a break from my commercial endeavors: motor oil signs, hot rod classics, garage art, etc.

Instead, I have added to my causes, my dog and animal signs and switched lanes towards my political charged campaigns, which I really enjoy making especially when the messages resonates in me.

It started with the #metoo movement, having my own personal #metoo demons and gradually  ascending to #timesup and finally #enough is #enough!

Of course, the Parkland Survivors brings it to the finish line and moved the demarcation line to CHANGE with their #neveragain movement as they take their anger, pain, frustration to the streets and up to Capitol Hill.


So here I am, motivated, riled and inspired to create signs that will hopefully make a difference. If I can’t join you physically, I can support you with a portion of the proceeds from these collections.

Make that Change, make the Difference and make it Right!!!



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