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Parkland Survivors - March for our lives!

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Gun Violence At Parkland 

I grew up under the mushroom cloud. We knew that we could be the target of a nuclear strike and even as small children we were aware that climbing under your desk for safety was futile. A blinding flash of light and it's all over. Your fear and suffering are gone. you don't watch your classmate bleed to death begging for help, Its merciful brief. 

Our children have grown up under a real threat of a far more personal and scaring nature. Their fears are not of an abstract nature that never comes. 

These brave kids are hunted like animals. And they have seen nothing of value from adults but sympathy. 

But if my math is correct, an 18 year old voter has lived under the very real threat of violence their entire life. 

Since the year 2000 there have been over 277 murders in schools across the country. 

And these voters are not naive or stupid; they refuse to be placated any longer.  They have made the association that more guns leads to more shootings. They know that the more deadly the gun, the more people it can kill.

They have been at the receiving end of an AR-15 and they call BULLSHIT on the NRA. if "Guns don't to kill people, people kill people" then they reason "people with fewer guns kill fewer people."  They absolutely do not buy into introducing more guns into schools are a solution. They've served notice on the NRA's gun lobby, and Washington influence is no longer for sale. 


Congress had better not underestimate them; they'd better watch were its bread is buttered, these 18 y/o's are righteously Pissed! They've seen death in their schools and its not pretty. These are the survivors of your policies of expedience and greed. They are tech savvy, and they have your number.

Don't even try and protect your right to have an AR-15 unless you've been in the cross hairs. Our children have heard the tired promises of ending gun violence in schools, the hollow promises of policy change, but now they are of voting age and taking matters into their own hands.

These horrific shooting will not fade from their memories as easily as they do from yours. They are your scarred constituents and they are sicked by your litany of platitudes, your worthless thoughts and prayers, they DEMAND ACTION.

They did not grow up under the threat of a Mushroom cloud, they grew up their whole life under the threat of being on the wrong end of assault rifle. 

The tragic events in Parkland shootings ought to be deeply disturbing and saddening but they've already begun to quickly fade from your minds like so many others. 

Somehow I'm heartened by this young people and I think this will be somehow different. 


These young people will be taking care of most of us as we age and I for one feel inspired and safer knowing they think critically, compassionately and are so strong and articulate. I think we are in good hands. 



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