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Social media will always be a conduit of misinformation/misinformation/information. This is also why it's a democratizing force. But democracy has unavoidable responsibilities attached. Today it's difficult to impossible to suppress information. It's more easily watered down or festooned with shines objects of destruction. Information is nearly impossible to suppress. Even if Facebook were completely regulated the same tech would emerge elsewhere devouring information and our privacy in its wake. The privacy ship sailed long ago while people were bitching about free speech and gun rights. Our definitions of privacy is changing along with our definition of veracity. Just as our...

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Remember those days when people are buzzing at your doorbell shamelessly? 

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Here's another one of my limited edition metal 'Periodic Table' signs for sale.  Continuing on the theme of Bosses which I touched on last week: I've had a couple of good ones, there was this German lady who was awesome and she loved to party. She threw me a 40th birthday party that was really insane. I also had a supervisor that was a very traditional Japanese guy. For the first year I thought he was more the Lucifer variety of boss, but it was a year to the day of his supervision when he started treating me differently. I don't know...

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